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About Us

Dereks company is established in 1989 and its’ centrum is in Izmir Turkey. Its’ working area in general, exporting turn-key brick factories trough the projects, concrete stations, leather processing factories, full automatic computerized fowl breeding systems, heating/cooling, drying and packing facilities, fodder factories, industrial manufacturing systems/lines, equipments and machines.

DEREKS LTD. is a member of Turkey Aegean Exporters Association and Turkey Metal Exporters Association. And it’s also the second exporter of ISO 500 companies in sectoral disperse of Turkey in 2008. All of the projects that we done in the international area have international quality certificate.

Our company always follows and performs the technological developments in THE WORLD and our goal is to be a one step forward to them. HUMAN is the most important factor in our issues and our intension is high quality.