Feed Production Of Technology

- It is used for soaking,liming,pickling,dyeing and fatliquaring of all kind of skins and hides(Cattle,lamb,sheep,goat,etc...)
- It is a cylindrical mixer made from glass reinforced polyester material.
- Specially designed, angel blades generade uniform and continous of skins/hides inside the drum.
- The main frame is also equipped with a monopump circulation pump.
- Loading can be done either by a conveyor system or by a forklift while unloading is to be done by the reserve rotation of the mixer.
- Washing process of all mixers are done throught 2 dranage valves.Dranage valves are made from ss material.Manuel,accentric.
- The mixers is equipped with heavy type gearbox and electrical motor.
- All grp mixers are equipped with variable speed control system. Mixer rotating speed can change 0~17 rpm.
- All grp mixers are equiped with digital heat control system